About Us

Evolving Lens Bookseller is an endeavor to connect people to books in service of the imagination and inspiration. Books are about one mind connecting with another, or with a tradition: they are the fulcrum upon which the internal lever is energized by external worlds. Whether it's insight we seek, boredom we wish to stave, knowledge we wish to share, a friend we wish to make, aesthetic beauty we wish to contact, a self we wish to change, inspiration we wish to incite, doubt we wish to inform, or any other exploration we wish to make, books meet us there. 

We are always looking to purchase high quality materials, whether singular or an entire library. Please contact us with any queries. 

We behind the scenes and running Evolving Lens Bookseller have been involved and otherwise employed in the used, rare and collectible book market for a decade and a half, in both brick-and-mortar settings and online. And long before that we were all readers, book collectors and book enthusiasts. We know books and are passionate about not only the collectible book market, but about the value of the content of the books themselves. Our inventory focuses on the fine and domestic arts, university press publications, biographies, philosophy and theoretical psychology, peculiar and collectible fiction, sets, historically important material, signed books and modern first editions; however, we will always provide a range of quality content to choose from. Thank you for taking a look at our shop. Buy with confidence.